Posted by: davidsandusky | January 13, 2010

How Many Pages Should Your Resume Have?

We get a lot of resume questions and I understand why.  Many job seekers blame the resume for not getting the interview.  That might be true, but the reality is you did not get you the interview.  But you want to know about how many pages a resume should have.  You ask me and you post the question on LinkedIn, etc. often, so I know you need to know what the recruiters think.

My thought:

As an executive recruiter who has interviewed more than a thousand executives, I will tell you resumes are very important, I even read some.  Cover letters are very important too. But what tops my priority is how the resume is presented.  My judgment is the same of a business plan.

Resume at a glance: Must be relevant, market your potential and be very easy to scan with my busy eye.  A typical business person tends to hit me between they eyes with a page per decade. People with many actual accomplishments early in career can usually move to two pages and not bore me to tears.

Oh, and those who need to look at a resume to remember what a resume writer put down, is kicked out of the office 😉



  1. Interesting to hear that point of view from a recruiter. I always thought that one page was all you were “allowed.” I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m redoing my resume.

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