Posted by: davidsandusky | June 16, 2009

Networking for CEOs

C – level executives made it to the top for many reason and their network or networking is a significant part of the story. The challenge at the top is keeping the network fresh and being deliberate about scheduling time to connect with the connected. Adding value back to the connections along the way is critical as well.

Many think that once at the top, executives no longer need to network. That is strategy for failure as the unemployed CFO will tell you when they seem to be network dry and starting over. Or worse, have a reputation for just showing up for “coffee” when they need something.  I pick on the CFO because I personal know many unemployed CFOs who are not landing as quickly as their effectively networked competition.   

Where ever you are in your career, keep this in mind. Keep building and adding value to the network.

Forbes “in pictures” has slides from CEOs sharing their own networking secrets.


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