Posted by: davidsandusky | January 15, 2009

Resume Story

Having reviewed a ridiculous amount of resumes to date, the process from reviewers like me is very fast one.  Resume reviewers who don’t agree can chime in.

On that note, this post about resume will be very short. 

  1. I scan resumes.  This is quick.  What is the feeling and story?  A good feeling happens because it was easy to scan. 
  2. I scan resumes backwards. It feels good when I see a story I want to learn more about.
  3. Awesome transitions.  The story is interesting during transition.  Transition refers to promotions, career changes and unemployed times.  Make or break time – what is your story.

Your summary or objective at the top of the resume along with your cover letter are customized to the reader.  That means you have to do homework every time.  Another make or break opportunity.



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