Posted by: davidsandusky | December 13, 2008

The Real Deal in Finding a Job or Hiring the Best

Both sides of the desk during the process of filling a position endure stress.  Hiring manager has a position to fill and wants to hire the right person.  Candidate needs a new opportunity.  In many cases, both are getting to know each other for the first time and skipping relationship building steps.

Result: dissatisfied parties. 

What really matters is the realization if you can work together or not.  Often this process is realized on the job.  When tough decisions and deadline stresses are actual.  The time of the day when character shows.  Often times it is in these circumstances where people realize they may not be a fit for each other.  But we stick it out.  Another job search so soon is hard to stomach and may present pause for the next employer.  What to do???

As pointed out by Kimberly Lucas with Goldstone Partners on a recent Your Brand Radio event, the game for finding and being found is changing again too.  She offers data on the disconnect on job boards – last two years, job board traffic dropped 500% – spending on job boards is increasing.  Job seekers are not going there, but employers are not re-tooling efforts.  Listen to the show linked above as Kimberly and other guest share invaluable tips.

Where hiring and being hired is going is found in Web 2.0.  Interacting and building relationships online to help enable offline relationships

Building your reputation in a well organized and easy to find matter is required in a day where competition  and speed to results is huge.  The hirer and hiree can know more about each other than ever when going into a meeting or interview. 

If adding value while communicating differentiators online is part of your communication strategy, you can cut to the case during an interview process.  My point here is getting straight to the determination of whether or not you can work together.  Pick a fight on a real world debate in the office, share ideas and work together on a real project.  Ask questions where you might not like the answer – is that not what you really want to get to now rather than later???  Get together in and out of the office — all during an interview process.  Take the time to determine if culture and character fit.  Your future is at stake and you want to love who you work with…so start building relationship on and offline right now and don’t stop.



  1. reported that employers and recruiters use these 3 job sites most to find quality candidates. (professional networking) (keyword job search) (matches you to jobs)

    Whole Top 10 list here:

  2. Consider consolidating all your web stuff in a web footprint. Make your one place like a central station and share that one place. Help people by doing the google search they will do on you and simply give them the an organized set of results.

    We built and I could see it helping with this. If you stop by we’d love to hear what you think. Cheers.

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