Posted by: davidsandusky | November 21, 2008

Finding a Job Through Online Networking and Beyond

This year is already showing an increase in traffic coming my way from recruiter friends who are getting a heavy flow of resumes and calls from people who are struggling to get the value proposition across right away – in a time of ultra clutter, this is a very important skill many miss.

Over the years, I have received an increase in emailed resumes and phone calls from people looking to the year ahead in their career. This year is no different other than it started early and more people are unemployed or plan to be soon. That is a different feeling of urgency.

This year I see a significant increase in the contact I receive or referral to online profiles particularly to LinkedIn and Facebook as well as here. More people than not have enough info on a LinkedIn profile to tell the story. LinkedIn being primary profile online has a lot to do with it. However, people asking for help on Facebook are not telling a professional story. Some do not have any (or very little) professional data leaving the personal brand only on the social side. Even if your Facebook connections are only people who know you very well, you must not assume they can articulate your professional goals and dreams not to mention what you have actually accomplished recently that transitions to future value. Help us help you. By the way, because of the increase interest in Facebook, I recently created a Strategic Career Plan page which you might find helpful – introduce yourself there while you are at it!

It is safe to assume your contacts want to help you. When the asking part of networking starts to overwhelm, even your closest contacts might accidentally bypass you because they don’t know how to help.

If you are networking online, be sure to give. Add value and show what you love. Be sure your profiles are up to date and like your resume, have forward thinking value propositions correctly targeted.

Improve your online image before asking for help. Equally important is effective offline networking and target phone calls proving investment in research. I’m telling you, those who contact me in any way and show a little research in me get a lot of attention. Watch what happens when you take the time.



  1. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool when job hunting. Make sure to include a picture in your profile, it helps people connect with you. If you are job hunting it needs to be a professional picture where you are dressed and acting appropriately.

  2. So to be effective, in an executive job search, you have to determine what role you want to play, what industries and organizations would support that role and what you’re geographical preferences and limitations are. The task here is not to look for open positions, but to look for the decision makers in organizations that would have the role that you are seeking to fill. Remember 30% of organizations are going to need someone, so it’s your job to initiate the introduction and chemistry match. I tell this to people that I am working with all the time and they come back and say, “How will I know if they have an open position?” You won’t but, if you talk to 100 companies you will have interviewed for 10 positions. The other comment I hear, is “The economy is bad and un-employment is over 9.5%, no one is hiring.” This is completely wrong! Unemployment is high for the worker bee population but the top ten people in an organization are the last to be let go. The company has to go under before the top management lose their jobs. Have you ever seen a company without a CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales, etc.? There are companies closing divisions and contracting various business functions or outsourcing but this is a small percentage of the overall executive job market.

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