Posted by: davidsandusky | October 21, 2008

How to be Memorable – In a Good Way

I might sound like a broken record for a while, but I am afraid.  Afraid for many people today.  

First, the good news is people are being proactive when they need free and inexpensive resources.  I know this because traffic is up on the career section of my forum website and the Strategic Career Plan sales have been increasing.  The bad news is there is a sense of urgency and fear driving the increase which may cause poor decisions and a continued cycle of career misery.     

I have also seen an increase in emails and other communications from people who want to send me a resume, connect with me on LinkedIn, etc.  Many more lately have even ask for endorsements and/or a reference from me even though I clearly do not know them well enough.  I will only recommend people I know will do great moving forward.  You? 

I am afraid because of spaghetti against the wall hope something sticks strategies.  Listen, I have been in the people business long enough to experience success and struggle in great and challenging times.  Many people ride the peaks and valleys for longer than they should because of no planning for either.  Today, many people are blasting out resumes to anyone who can fog a mirror and with the same canned pitch. 

Stop and focus.

Be memorable by taking your activity a step further.  Know who you are contacting so you can add value important to that person and/or company.  Take the time to research and communicate why you.  You have time, I know you do.  People make remarkable strides when they exercise, sleep, eat well and watch less T.V.  The time you take to deliver targeted focus of your value proposition and why the person in front of you cares about that value proposition works – I promise!  Most people are not investing in themselves during good and bad personal markets and witnessing the results.  Be the one who is prepared with target communications before, during and after networking and interviews.  Be the one that is memorable and leaving a feeling of success.  Be the one who continues this behavior during good and bad time, not just when in need.  Answer the “so what” allowing people to share your confidence and feel good about you as a prospect.


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