Posted by: davidsandusky | September 17, 2008

Seriously, Dress for Success

I attended a breakfast seminar this morning where the closing presenters were Judie Schwartz and Evelinda Urman of Style Matters.  They are fabulous presenters with great energy and information. 

The subject seems simplistic, but I am here to tell you that people blow it all the time.  The presentation this morning reminded me of many examples, unfortunately, where people do not dress the part.  It is amazing how good looking people get the nod and studies show a direct relationship to this, yet so many slack.   

Admittedly easier for guys – match belt to buffed shoes and a tie that is generally in style.  Business casual is easily defined etc.  Women have it a little tougher with a wider range of options and accessories.  Either case, your personal brand image is judged in a matter of seconds.  Your class, education, experience and even industry all come to our human mind even if judgement is way off who you are.  You may not think it, but even the creative type or aggressively independent style comes off as lazy or unappreciative in a work environment – conferences, client meetings, you name it.  I am all for being yourself, but encourage being different yet entering a room with people thinking you are professional – why not?   

What impressed me about the presentation was how much different color and style of professional suits made a difference on the same person.  From non-approachable to warm and inviting.  By design.  Look into this and determine if you are representing your professional brand the right way.  If you are not sure…dress up and enjoy feeling confident.



  1. This is so important, and we need to continue to emphasize it; especially for women. We can’t let fashion get in the way of looking professional, rather we should use it to bring out our personalities while maintaining a business appropriate image.

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