Posted by: davidsandusky | September 2, 2008

Post Holiday Blues or Brilliance?

You can tell a lot about a person around vacations and holidays.  Going into the time off, there are those who can disappear in stride like a hurdler effortlessly running over a hurdle.  Others can’t seem to get out the door causing stress for all.  The difference.  Planning and delegation well before time off – not just a few days before anticipated time off.

Coming back from time off whether a vacation or extended weekend like Labor Day is telling as well.  Some people roll in lacking motivation and others hop in the saddle with energy and excitement to take on the day – glad to have been away and glad to be back.

There may be a relationship between those who enter and and return well from time off.  Planning helps with any overwhelming feelings, but the desire to live well with integrated time on and off is more telling.  Those with a plan in living in the moment do well for themselves on vacation and when producing in career.

What is your office (even virtual or home office) culture like going into and the day after time off?  I think a major indicator of hiring and retaining passionate people.


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