Posted by: davidsandusky | August 25, 2008

“So What”

So you are an accountant, a marketing executive, a consultant, graduated from Harvard…   So What? 

Your company needs customers, employees, funding, partners…

So What?

What makes you different and how does being different produce results people care about?  Does your verbal and written message as well as body language pass a litmus test?  Can you articulate a good fit and to the right audience?

Accounting, marketing, Human Resources, company culture, etc. is a product.  Your unique promise of value in ____your area of expertise___ is Your Brand.  The experience people have with you matters most – “so what” is a commodity or dime-a-dozen feeling and not inspiring.



Internal Candidate #2: “I have worked here for two years and think I am qualified and should get this promotion.”

Hiring Manager: “We have a few accountants that have been here for years, what have you done to be prepared for more responsibility and leadership?”

External Candidate #5: “I have a degree in accounting and 12 years of accounting experience.”

Hiring Manager: “I am talking to 10 accountants that say the same thing, why should I hire you?”

Consultant: “I have come into situations like yours as an accounting management contractor.”

Hiring Manager: “What is our situation and why should I hire a consultant?  Why should I hire you?”

Hiring Manager: “You are our top candidate and I know you have other options.  We would like to hire you.”

Top Candidate: “Why should I leave my current situation that is challenging and fun with growth opportunity to join your company?”


Critical thinking about likely questions and concerns prepares you to be deliberate with actual results and stories that matter.  Answering the “So What?” will separate you from your competition and position you for success! 


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