Posted by: davidsandusky | August 18, 2008

Brand Your Culture with Excellent Service

Sometimes it is hard to locate your value differentiators. Those traits and skills that make you different and stand out in the minds of others. It does not matter what you offer, customer service is always a way to get noticed. Sounds easy enough! But, perception of your customer service is more important than what you think is being provided. Your customer service MUST be sincere. Do you really care about the experience of those around you? What about during challenges as apposed to when everything is great?

I am curious, did you read the above paragraph in the context of you as an individual or did you mean your company/employer? Go back and read again with the opposite relationship. What are you doing to drive a positive customer service experience?

The presence of customer service must be everywhere, all the time – part of your culture brand. Customer service goes beyond your customers and clients. How are you servicing your co-workers and partners? Customer service goes way further than smiling and acting pleasant – although that is important too! Acting pleasant that is – act as if you are pleasant and I bet you become pleasant!

Is it easy to do business with you? To communicate with you? How do you deal with problems – do you make it right? Do you do what you say you are going to do? Customer service goes further than listening well. Those practicing great customer service give more than expected. They know the environment and are proactive on your behalf.
The service you provide extends past the final products or results. The process getting there is the feeling people remember and the story they tell.
Any great customer service stories to tell – share them here…and/or here



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  2. David, Thanks for your post on Dan On It. Here is my response to your brand question. I think a brand that is highly recognized, accepted in market and has stories circluated by the company, the employees, influencers and customers could end up be a cultural brand or a brand icon. a Great example of this is when someone sneezes they may ask: ” Can you pass me a Kleenex?” Coke, Fedex and Xerox are additional examples of a brand becoming a cultural brand. I think the ultimate goal of a brand is to become the leader in the crowded market and differentiate the brand, service, and product through cultivating the brand experience and proving to customers that they made a wise choice. Loyalty, buzz building, and reputation play a huge part in attaining the goal of top brand. Based on your site and focus it would be interesting to read your take on Personal Branding and how a person would successful cultivate thier brand in the job market.

    Once again, thanks for the comment. Stay tuned and stay in touch.

    Dan Harris

  3. A personal brand strategy, like the successful corporate/product strategies you mentioned, takes time and consistency.

    Calling on the personal brand by saying “this culture needs a Jack Welch to lead”. The letter ‘A’ means not Jack Welch or not the name, rather, the brand of leadership in this example.

    I am starting to highlight unmistakable personal brands on my forum:

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