Posted by: davidsandusky | July 28, 2008

Personal Branding Magazine

I am fortunate to meet and work with very talented people in my career.  From day one I noticed the most impressive surround themselves with at least equally impressive.  As the millennials are making their mark on the professional and community front, a few stand out to me. 

Ryan Allis, founder i-Contact  who I had the pleasure to meet as we where on a panel together as successful entrepreneurs discussing business with a room full of entrepreneurs.  Ryan won my heart when he kept focusing on hiring good people.  Star for life.

Ben Casnocha, 20, Author, Blogger & Entrepreneur comes to mind for almost the same reason.  When we interviewed him on a Denver Radio show, people came up often as his secret to success. 

There are so many smart and resourceful millennials out there you must hire today.  Why?  They bring new thinking.  Just like new generations before them entering the workforce, but today, you must move to add value and market yourself in multiple vehicles like never before.  Personal brand strategy as a competency.  This group brings a different kind of diversity to a workforce in my experience so far. 

Learn more from these guys.  They both happen to be featured in the August 2008 Personal Branding Magazine.   As Casnocha says in the current issue, “I try to be who I am, not what my generation is”.  Well, as a leader, professionals like Casnocha can shape perception of a generation.  That is a nice personal brand!  Get a free sample of this issue


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