Posted by: davidsandusky | July 11, 2008

Hide Age on Resume?

A common question from our experienced folks is whether or not they should hide or otherwise minimize a direct promotion of age on resumes. Such as graduation dates and early career positions.

My position is consistent with personality, passion and drive over the number. As a matter of fact, I love the confidence and pride that comes from people who celebrate their experience.

Put the dates on your resume, or don’t. The reader will not be far off on estimating how long you have experienced professional life anyway – believe me. If they are, I bet you are seen as being elusive and that is the worst thing for your personal brand.

Worried about age discrimination and not getting in the door because of your resume? Don’t. Focus on the value you bring highlighting the last ten years and address specific lessons learned in your longer history including changing markets and industries to changing culture with new workers entering the workforce. You get the idea.

Now, target people who value your experience. Build a personal brand online. Be realistic about compensation and your competition. Employers are buying the perceived value you bring compared to others. That is all they can do. Make hiring managers want you…that is your responsibility.



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