Posted by: davidsandusky | July 2, 2008

Transferable Skills

One of the most feared moments for people in transition is when the transition is from a career or lifestyle that does not seem to have marketable skills.  I hear from many people that have banged their head against the wall trying to convince people they are qualified even though they spent significant time as a:

Stay at home parent




or transitioning out of different or dead industries. 

The challenge is dramatic change.  Employers don’t have proof that people will be happy in their new life and have a tough time stomaching taking a chance on you.  True even if they think you can do the job.   There are to many questions?  Their own reputation is on the line if you are not up to the new lifestyle.  

How do you communicate your desire to add value lesson pain for all?

PASSION and with energy in the way you carry yourself.  Make people want to be around you.  Taking the time to be knowledgeable and prepared with enthusiastic energy can put you ahead of your competition.  Even those who do not have your baggage.  Prove it!


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