Posted by: davidsandusky | June 16, 2008

Make it an Absolutely Incredible Week For Someone – 6/16 Prepared

Like many people over the weekend, my wife, Julie, and I watched many people remember Tim Russert with personal stories and proof of their own respect for the man and professional. 

I have known for years why Russert was the one personality I looked forward to seeing on Television – his unquestionable passion for what he does everyday and his family.  No doubt about it and with a smile!

What I learned this weekend was how often the word ‘prepared’ was spoken.  Guest on Meet the Press would prepare for Russert like no other because he himself was prepared almost to an unfair advantage. 

It also occurred to me that the people I personally know who impress me the most are the best prepared.  For my executive searches, equally talented candidates where separated by preparedness for my interview.  My most productive client or board meetings are are the result of preparedness.  The difference between a good and great day of results is knowledge and preparedness.      

Seems obvious, but the bar is set by the best prepared.  Russert changed the way people prepare for interviews because he was the best and I think his example will make many professionals better for a long time to come.  I know he has made me better just from watching him work on television. 

I have also been thinking of my first mentor, Chuck Kauffman, more this weekend.  Chuck sent me in a direction of preparedness for my big goals from the day I graduated from college.  Chuck died from a heart attack young as well.  I was in San Diego when he died getting experience he put in motion for me.  I did not even know he was sick.  I thanked him often, but not enough. 

This week, start helping others be as prepared as they can be by setting the example yourself.  And, appreciate your mentors.     


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