Posted by: davidsandusky | June 12, 2008

Position with Purpose

Like you, I have seen the numerous polls, studies and articles about more and more people taking control of their life with a career position and/or volunteer leadership role bigger than them.  A position with purpose. 

That said, I am painfully aware of how many people are not satisfied by nature of my own career in the business of people.  Although a number are making decisions to bring purpose into their professional life, the majority are struggling to figure out what this means.  I see it on the faces while I am in Denver or other cities near highly populated corporate headquarters.  Just last week…and a few weeks prior, I was at a popular light-rail stop in Denver at a few minutes past 8:00AM.  I was watching the standing room only light-rail trains unload with individuals heading to the Qwest or Johns Manville building where they called home for most of their awake hours.  To the person – heads down as they crossed the street watching their feet and holding their coffee mugs with lids.  I was with my wife, Julie, one of these days as we witnessed this obvious disconnect with purpose.  Julie and I looked at each other and did not even need to address what we were experiencing – it was in the air – unhappy – discontent.  I could not help but start chanting “dew dew dew…here I go, off to work, dew, dew dew…”  I actually felt sad.  Then Julie asked “can you imagine?”

As I am out and about, I see the same thing in the same intersection anywhere from 5:00 to 6:00PM.  Individuals waiting for the bus or light-rail, standing as an individual with heads down now with the coffee mug in hand dangling from an index finger looking beat up from the day. 

Heading home, dew, dew, dew heading home and do it all again tomorrow, dew, dew, dew…

Their job, as important as it is for the company, is not rewarding, but necessary for the individual to keep the home and planned vacation this summer.  Not everyone can jump ship…I think that is why the heads are down.  But what would pick that chin up?  Is there other activity and dreams to realize.  What is going through the minds of these talented people looking sad.  Are they asking: Can I add more value at work and start contributing in other ways – to family, community and company?  Can I anticipate transitioning to a dream job of purpose so I too can say “it is not work” and love it every day? 

Comment here with your thoughts or read the article from AIRS and discuss your transitional period on Your Brand Forums Personal Brand and Career Strategy



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