Posted by: davidsandusky | June 11, 2008

False Sense of Activity

Busy Busy Busy.  Is your doing it all attitude paying off or giving you a false sense of activity? 

A challenge for you during your job search and beyond.  Fill your calendar with daily activity that can be measured in results and find yourself less busy along the way.  What? Less busy by scheduling more?

Being unemployed and conducting an active job search from home is like working from home for the telecommuter or the home base business owner.  Discipline is required to produce results every day. 

As a job seeker, you know you need to be networking, researching industries – companies – trends – your value proposition, manufacturing lists of target companies and relevant contacts, learning as well as exercising every day.  This will keep you engaged, but the other activity that is keeping you busy is a false sense of activity. 

You know people, including yourself, who have worked for months towards a goal that is not producing results.  You look back and feel tired and busy, maybe even burnt out.  But when someone like me starts digging into what you have actually been doing (or you are super honest with yourself), you realize you have not been doing what is required to measure results every day.  Now the market conditions or people who “don’t get it” are not looking like viable excuses anymore.   

I promise you, if you build daily activity with measurable results, you will accomplish your goals much quicker.  You will learn about mistakes you are making and be able to adjust plans and even your thinking fast with the ability to adjust and accomplish your ultimate goals.  

Want to discuss specifics to you that others can learn from?  Post questions for discussion on Your Brand Forums  




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