Posted by: davidsandusky | June 9, 2008

Make it an Absolutely Incredible Week For Someone – 6/9 Show the Love

Yesterday was my wonderful wife’s birthday.  As normal over the years, I found it difficult to find the birthday card for Julie that said my message.  I struggle with anniversary, valentines Day and just because too.  I do ultimately find the card and sometimes quickly.  The problem is I must be the minority when it comes to communicating my message. 

To many cards seem to be apologizing for something.  To many cards say something like: “I know I don’t say I love you enough” or, I may not be…”.  These cards are not a fit for those of us that express our love and appreciation every single day – in words and action – every single day.  Are we really in the minority? 

I remember doing an executive search for someone to create new lines of cards for Hallmark eight or so years ago.  Is this the trend they saw? 

I have a vision.  Hallmark pulls the apologetic cards off the shelf because they are not selling.  People are expressing love and appreciation at home, community and office. 

Make someone feel appreciated every day this week. 


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