Posted by: davidsandusky | June 2, 2008

“Recruiters Suck in this Town”

What a tough personal brand or industry reputation damaging statement “recruiters suck in this town” is.  Unfortunately, I hear someone voice their dis-satisfaction often.  Including, “recruiters suck in this town” as a direct quote voiced by a few frustrated unemployed executives after a recent talk I gave about personal brand strategies. 

As I asked about their experience and communication strategies, the frustrated unemployed executives learned a hard truth and reality.  The reason the recruiters are not interested in them is the frustrated unemployed executive responsibility.  The recruiter who is bombarded with unsolicited standard cover letters and resumes that look like everyone else is by-passing you with ease.  Comes down to personal activity; as is true in most situations when I challenge someones complaint about how recruiters (hiring managers) and companies “don’t get it”.  Sure, some recruiters are not professional like any other category of profession, but in most cases, the frustrated unemployed is doing little to position themselves for success.     

Talented people get jobs…period!  Yes, it is harder sometimes.  Time between deals may be longer or sacrifices of some kind are part of the equation.  The person who adds value all the time, is a connector for recruiters and others even when then person connecting is not in immediate need wins.  The person who understands skills and competencies are only getting you in the door…your talent, values and the brand experience along with your network is sustaining a winning career. 

Few participate in managing a career and relationships in such a way.  No surprise.  You know what to do, be the professional who recruiters seek out so you don’t think recruiters “suck”. 

Want to learn more about a recruiters life and how you can add value, ask a recruiter.




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