Posted by: davidsandusky | May 21, 2008

Common Interview Mistakes – Candidate

Simple best practices you can learn during an interview to avoid the following common mistakes that cost you the job:


Resume is not results oriented, forward thinking and relevant to the company/job at hand.

No time invested in researching company, culture, people, competition, market conditions and trends, etc.  Going to the company website and reading the job description is not enough.

Not confident in your unique value proposition as it relates to the company/job at hand.


Not having the same resume the interviewer has with you (two copies – one for you and one for them).  You know the resume like the back of your hand, right? 

Not taking control of the interview by asking great questions.  Candidates should interview the company as the company is interviewing the candidate. 

Not working together during the interview.  Many people hold back on presentations with fear ideas will be stolen or they will disclose irrelevant information.  (1) Ideas stolen.  If you are not hired and the company uses your ideas, take the compliment and realize it may not be a place you are proud to call home anyway.  Move on.  (2) Doing your homework prior will minimize not being relevant…that is the whole ideas of the “test”.

Not honestly disclosing weaknesses, personality and your real personal brand in fear of not getting the job.  Trust me, you both want to learn early if this is a fit or not.  It is okay if you are not a fit; learn and move on.

Not closing the deal if you are interested.  No games…ask for the job. 

Post Interview 

A written or emailed note to every person you met during the process thanking for time and consideration. Short and to the point, elaborate on your unique value proposition specific to the company/job at hand.  If interested, ask for the job.





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