Posted by: davidsandusky | May 19, 2008

Make it an Absolutely Incredible Week for Someone 5/19 – Benefit of Doubt

Some of us think all days are good; just some are better than others.  But even the most positive and forgiving minded people pass unfair judgement quickly on people who may in fact be having a bad day.  Yes, the most positive minded individuals who normally tackle a challenge with pleasure find themselves in a situation or mindset that are off brand.

So when we have not been around people long enough to determine regular behavior and their personal brand, perhaps benefit of the doubt is a good leadership position to take.  In every case you can change the situation for someone and take responsibility for what you can do different. 

Next time someone on your team is not getting the job done; consider where they need training first and how you can make the right training happen.  Did you set the right expectations? After further review, you may have made a bad hire and you can help that person find a better fit. 

Next time that lady in front of you on the way back to the office seems a little slow (maybe “out of it”), consider she may normally be very sharp behind the wheel, but today she is finding the strength as she drives to the office for the first time after loosing a loved on.  Don’t honk…be patient.  

Next time the couple sitting on their own at your fundraising dinner seems a little anti-social, consider one has an injury and can’t stand all night.  Don’t spread rumors, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Be the person who does not rush to any judgement when the fact is you don’t have information.  otherwise move along and look for ways to make it an absolutely incredible day for someone!  




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