Posted by: davidsandusky | May 14, 2008

What You Can Learn From

Every organization has a culture and the experience would make up the culture brand. Business owners, managers and leaders are aware of the culture they promote and if the promoted culture and and actual culture are the same, the right people are attracted and retained from teammates to customers.  Many companies are afraid to be themselves.  Some companies wear their emotions on their sleeves.  I posted my following experience on my forum and on and will share on Hire Educated as well because this is how you as a company hire the right people for you: is the master in creating an environment that means business and community. They value action – community – excellence – integrity – innovation – knowledge – love – ownership – passion – teamwork and wow!

In many organizations, values are words. Sad but true in many cases, but as time goes on and I watch grow, I continue to see tangible proof of each value. They are localized and active in each community they serve.

In Denver as I ventured into their office the other day, I experienced WOW! You see folks around town at networking events, expos, etc. and personal brand is filled with passion and excitement – walk into a bright office with lots of color and a bullpen full of a collection of like and complimentary personal brands, and you get goosebumps…I did! My goosebumps sustained as I walked through the office with community relations manager and authentic customer service pro (my words), Andrea Hoffman. She introduced me to the team who were on the phone or dialing, but they all screamed a warm welcome to me. I proceeded to meet the GM, Rick Thompson who is clearly thrilled be there…the skater and surfer from Vegas and San Diego has not screamed down a powder filled mountain on a snowboard in Colorado yet – road trip anyone?!

I moved on to see Dean Shalmoni who is the videographer and editor who recorded a short interview and captured some of my talk at a recent career expo. I witnessed his professionalism that day but really enjoyed sitting in his workspace and witnessing his true passion for creating videos for Denver employers.

As Andrea and I headed out to our meeting, I commented on the refreshing mission statement painted on the wall with comments and signatures all over the full sized wall. I told her my experience is that many company vision statements read like mission and mission like a tag line – that does not effectively inspire.’s mission:

is to connect local companies with local people and help them build valuable relationships in order to recruit and hire future employees. We strive to help employers utilize technology to save time and money while making it easier to hire qualified individuals to contribute to their organizations’ goals. We are also committed to helping people find better jobs and career opportunities to improve their lives.

This mission coupled with with the framed values near by are lived by each person and that is why this company is making a difference. A model culture!


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