Posted by: davidsandusky | May 2, 2008

Passion + Talent = Gets Hired

Yesterday I spoke at the career fair about “Networking to Sustain a Personal Brand”.

The discussion was on networking as you would expect, but the lesson starts before the action of networking.  You must have clarity in what you offer and you must be able to tell a short story of what you can do for someone. A personal brand defined with confidence.

Relief became present across many faces when they realized you can spend time getting to know someone first based on who they are as apposed to pitching everyone who will give you 30 seconds. You can ask the other person questions until they are tired of talking. The other person feels good and you learned enough to hit them between the eyes with a relevant value proposition they can feel and therefore remember – in much less than 30 seconds too!  Moving forward with this communication strategy allows you to find where your passion and talents equal the needs you are hearing about – assuming you are going down a direction where there seems to be a fit.  Otherwise, you listen and suggest other people who could provide more value than you can.  That, my friend, is adding value and networking at it’s finest.  

As many people, are you concerned about being perceived as old, young, inexperienced, out dated…on and on? Many of these scenarios of concern came up in questions yesterday – common questions. My answer was redundant across concerns or excuses: learn, add value and do something you love.

Passion + talent = a great brand that gets hired – no excuses needed.

Ask your own questions for discussion at the Networking | Connecting Forum


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