Posted by: davidsandusky | April 21, 2008

Hello world! Get Hire Educated!

It is a great time to be a career minded professional.  Integration of family, community, business and learning is a brand of leadership that is taking over.  You get to monetize your passion and create parallel career strategies – congratulations! 

It is hard work and worth it when you are having fun and proud of your accomplishments.  It is fascinating to forecast your career and learn the skills while networking with the best and brightest to be sure you are tooled to be competitive in the future.  It is equally fascinating to live through change and realize your plan changed because of experience – you become a leader through change as you document and teach others why.  

Regardless of the business you are in and the community challenges you face, people make the difference.  You must be an expert in getting hired and hiring the best!  You must learn what it takes to become and remain a known commodity – a personal brand; and you must learn how to attract and retain the best for your team.  This confidence equals career assurance and we are here to show you how!

Hire Educated blog was finally created as a result of common and consistent questions that come my way from both sides of the hiring process.  Candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.  We are all recruiters and we are all in sales so let’s get to it.  I will share short stories and in your face points you can apply to your world.   Need something more specific or do you want to start a conversation?  You can always head over to Personal Board of Advisors to control your online brand and content via the business and career forum.  We will toggle conversations – I drive you comment here – you drive conversation there.

Let’s have some fun and get Hire Educated!        


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